The secret to building a powerful indie brokerage with loyalty

Your agents are your clients
  • Enticing agents with short-term gains is typically in no one's best interests.
  • Hands-on training and mentorship creates the atmosphere necessary for company growth.

Learn the New Luxury Playbook at Luxury Connect | October 18-19 at the Beverly Hills Hotel

During a late afternoon panel at Inman Connect New York on Wednesday, Sarah Jones of Bamboo Realty kicked off the conversation by telling the crowd, "I guarantee you will hear something you haven't heard before." Indeed, Jones said, she was quite familiar with the subject matter at hand: "Buy. Sell. Repeat." But after conversing with featured speaker Nick Segal, president of Partners Trust Real Estate Brokerage, in preparation for #ICNY, her perspective shifted. Here's what he had to say. Never take your agents for granted No. 1 -- brokers have clients. And those clients are their agents. "Raise your hands," Segal said to the audience. "How many of you feel like you have great security and absolute confidence in the future financial state of your business?" There was a good share of hesitant hands in the air before Segal drove home his point: Real estate is never at risk of being boring. That also means that when you turn out the lights, some of your agents may not be a...