Who will be Upstream CEO? 16 potential candidates

Brad Inman's picks for the Upstream leader

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By accident, I learned that Upstream has tapped real estate executive recruiter Corporate Management Advisors (CMA) to find a CEO for its listings initiative. Who these real estate power brokers might pick will make the difference between a flop or a triumph for the plan to create a single sign-on for distributing home listings and for giving brokers more control of their online fate. The number of conflicting interests, motivations and stakeholders is a real estate Rubik's Cube, so it is a tough hire. This unusual person must be some combination of Bono (charisma), John Kerry (political negotiator) and Marc Andreessen (tech genius) if this burgeoning enterprise has any hope of succeeding. The new executive must appease a gang of cautious franchise and broker executives; navigate tricky National Association of Realtors (NAR) politics; calm down the MLS crowd; deliver simple and easy-to-use software and evangelize its adoption. It's interesting that the Upstream board picked...