Greg Schwartz on his 9-year journey at Zillow

Zillow Group chief business officer talks about early days and the future of the company
  • Zillow Group chief business officer, Greg Schwartz, believes Zillow has never given better value for money to advertisers than it offers today.
  • Zillow Group is interested in building up the rental platform side of its business because it is complementary to its "for sale" platform.

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Nine years ago, Zillow Group’s chief business officer, Greg Schwartz, traveled from New York to Seattle to interview for a new job. The portal was still in its infancy. He landed at 10:30 p.m. in Seattle. Zillow co-founder, Rich Barton, insisted on immediately conducting the hiring interview in the lobby of Schwartz's hotel for the next three hours. Schwartz valiantly stayed awake 'til 4 a.m. Eastern time and was competent enough to be hired. Greg Schwartz He probably wondered what kind of high-pressure environment he was joining, but on his first day of work, all reservations were put aside. He arrived to a mob of people in the Zillow offices cheering on co-founder Lloyd Frink, who was playing a ping-pong game against a staff member celebrating a birthday. Frink was in bare feet, jeans and a freebie Oracle T-shirt, trying his utmost to win, as always. Schwartz was struck by his casual dress -- a complete contrast from his job at CNNMoney in New York, where ...