How to become more valuable than Google

Why being human can help you dominate in a digital world
  • Hyper-local, human insights beat an algorithm every time.
  • Humans crave other human experiences and prefer working with people over tech.
  • Learning from experience and empathy are human-specific attributes that allow you to give great advice to your clients.

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In a tech-connected, digital world that serves up information on demand (and on the go), real estate professionals are tasked with staying relevant and providing value to the consumer -- who can Google everything -- now more than ever. The Internet became the great information equalizer -- creating an empowered consumer and changing buying behavior. Living in an on-demand world, consumers are now pre-shopping homes, researching neighborhood reviews and polling social media connections before they even pick up the phone to call you or send you an email. With employee costs continuing to rise and technology costs continuing to decline, it's no surprise that machine automation has surged. Research shows that up to 45 percent of activities that humans are paid to perform can be automated. Today, law firms use software instead of associates to review millions of case documents and comb through data during the discovery process. Surgeries can be performed with precision by ro...