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Enough with the MLS-bashing!

Joe Williams weighs in on a heavy issue in real estate
  • MLSs are uniquely American entities that encourage healthy collaboration and competition.
  • They help agents give consumers the most accurate, up-to-date data and are the real estate community in a software package.

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OK -- enough, already! For too many years now, we as the brokers and agents who actually make the sales in this industry have been told that the local MLS is an “antiquated technology” or about to be “completely disrupted,” or even on its last dying breath. In fact, no real estate seminar would be considered cutting-edge today without parading a whole host of “experts” on stage or in breakout sessions detailing the ultimate demise of our local MLS in [fill in city/region here]. Well, I beg to differ; in fact, I’d like to state that most local MLSs across the country are generally doing a great job, certainly in the residential arena. Not only are they the backbone of our industry, they provide the infrastructure that guarantees that buyers and sellers in the U.S. are able to interact with a transparency unparalleled in the world. Let me make that case right now, right here. Some perspective Alphonse Leong / Shutterstock.com But first, let’s all ...