Thoughts from the top: Ben Caballero

Agent development and other great advice from a pro
  • Ben Caballero went through several years of trial and error before he thought he had a good handle on what he needed.
  • It's been Caballero's business approach and preference to identify underserved areas and to service them.
  • No one can do it all and do it well. To be successful, differentiate yourself by being an expert.

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Odds are you've heard of Ben Caballero already. For the past three years, the Dallas-based broker has been ranked by Real Trends and The Wall Street Journal as the nation's No. 1 real estate agent based on number of sales transactions and cumulative transaction value. Ben Caballero Caballero has a unique approach to real estate. He is a broker with decades of experience that makes extensive use of technology to serve his clients. He has assembled a team of IT developers to create the platform that allows him to provide unparalleled service to 43 home builder brands. Caballero was gracious enough to sit down with us and discuss his development into the agent he is today, while taking the time to drop some advice for other agents looking to do the same. You got into real estate very young, getting your broker's license at 21. What was it that initially drew you to real estate? Both my parents were brokers, and for as long as I can remember that was just what ...