High-tech video takes flight with ‘Drones Done Right’

Company promises fully edited footage in 24 to 48 hours
  • HouseLens, a visual real estate marketing firm, just announced that its FAA-compliant drone services are now available across the continental U.S.
  • The company promises to deliver fully edited videos within 24 to 48 hours of the drone shoot along with edited HD footage and a mobile-first branded Web portal for the listing.
  • The premium and luxury packages come with a greater number of high-resolution photos and options for custom branding, messaging and contact information.

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In 2014, HouseLens founder and CEO Andrew Crefeld attended an Inman Connect conference in San Francisco. He remembers seeing a flying drone in one of the sessions, and it immediately confirmed his inklings that drones were the next step in real estate marketing. "We saw the demand in the world at large, and with the innovation of drones, we knew the application would be perfect for real estate," Crefeld said. His time at ICSF along with his previous experience in the U.S. Air Force made HouseLens' next step a no-brainer. Over the following years, HouseLens tested its drone services in the Nashville, Tennessee, area. Branded as "Drones Done Right," a reflection of the company's full compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards, these services are now available to agents across the continental U.S. as of Feb. 18. Basic package gets you edited footage Agents can choose from four packages -- basic ($299), premium ($399), luxury ($699) and custom...