What’s app with DC renters?

Renters like to shop and pay for apartments online
  • AppFoilo Property Management helps renters find and lease apartments quickly.
  • DC renters, AppFolio says, are generally older millennials who appreciate technology.
  • AppFolio commissioned a national survey of renters about a variety of aspects of the process.

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AppFolio Property Management, one of a suite of companies under the AppFolio name, quizzed residential renters across the country to find out what about the rental process appealed to, or displeased them, the most. The survey results, meant to be used as advice to its customers, professional property managers who oversee anywhere between 10 and 5,000 units, also offer good insight into national trends in the multifamily rental segment. AppFolio has clients in all 50 states, so their research experts were able to share some insights about specific local markets. Vice president of Product Nat Kunes offered some insight on renters in DC. “We see more mid-career professionals as the renters in DC,” Kunes said, “I’d say they are more likely the older millennials who work there.” DC provides myriad transportation options, which appeal to all demographics. “Millennials don’t want to drive,” added Kunes. “DC has growing public transportation options, whi...