4 things to consider with the big Google AdWords changes

What you should know about the reduction in ads
  • Google AdWords has reduced the number of ads that show on search results.
  • It's a good idea to diversify your ad dollar with both PPC and free advertising.
  • In the future, organic positioning will matter more than before.

Those agents and brokerages who generate leads off of pay-per-click might have noticed some significant changes last Friday with Google AdWords. Those ad slots that once appeared on the right-hand side of all Google search results are now gone, and in their place, a new ad slot has been opened above the organic results -- bringing the total number of ads that appear there to four.Here is one example of a current result set with the fourth new ad spot.And here is what it looked like before last Friday:It's a pretty dramatic difference with the side ads gone! Although it's still early, and it's going to take awhile for the dust to settle, this is potentially a huge change for those who have been using those now-missing righthand slots for more affordable exposure or to test out new campaigns.Why did Google do this? What does it mean? I'll try to cover what we know now, what I think will happen and how to deal with it. Why did Google make this change? Google didn't r...