12th Floor Group title 'super-alliance' battles noncompliance

The organization will offer regulatory compliance education services to brokers and agents
  • Billing themselves as a national title insurance "super-alliance," the 12th Floor Group came together to address the widely varying legal and regulatory schemes across local and state lines.
  • Championing industry best practices is at the core of the group's culture, but the consortium has made a point to go beyond some of the established industry standards.
  • While the group will not be admitting anyone from the real estate side of the transaction, its members have been traveling the country for the better part of the last year to offer education on hot regulatory topics such as TRID and RESPA.

A dozen title insurance agencies, settlement service companies and law firms have aligned as a national consortium called The 12th Floor Group, with a special focus on promoting legal and regulatory compliance across all sectors of the real estate industries.