Zillow faces class-action lawsuit over unpaid employee compensation

  • Zillow Group will now face a class-action battle over alleged illegal wage and hour law violations in a case that was originally brought by the company's former inside sales consultant Ian Freeman.
  • Zillow has prevailed at least twice in getting the claims dismissed, but the court gave the plaintiffs more opportunities to amend their complaint.
  • The class-action certification means that employees who allege they experienced circumstances similar to Freeman's can join the case and seek damages.
  • The plaintiffs' attorneys have estimated that Zillow employed about 150 other people in hourly positions during the class period in controversy.

On Friday, a California federal court judge certified a case originally brought in November 2014 by Ian Freeman, a former inside sales consultant for Zillow, as a class-action lawsuit. The decision opens the door for as many as 150 other employees to seek damages.