Zillow recording phone calls between agents and leads

While some agents appreciate the service, others find it unsettling
  • The new service helps agents avoid forgetting information on leads and improve their engagement style.
  • But some agents who've recently learned of the feature, which was introduced to some agent advertisers in as early as late November, find the feature unsettling.
  • Zillow discloses to leads who call agents that their conversations may be monitored or recorded.

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In late November or early December, Zillow began making recordings of conversations between leads and agents who advertise on the site available to some of those agents. But online comments and interviews with a number of agents reveal that many agent advertisers only began seeing the recordings in their Zillow-powered lead-management dashboards recently, and others remain unaware of them. That's led to some spirited debate. Many agents find the recordings, which agent advertisers can disable, useful for obtaining contact information they might not be able to jot down on the fly, validating one of Zillow's latest attempts to help advertisers convert more leads generated by the listing portal into clients. But while Zillow has publicly mentioned that it would begin making recordings available to advertisers, others accuse Zillow of not doing enough to raise awareness of the practice, and worry that some leads might be oblivious to it. 'I have no complaints' Dav...