Court chastises Zillow exec for interfering with investigation

Judge objects to Curt Beardsley taking control of forensic process
  • A Washington state superior court judge has formally admonished Zillow exec Curt Beardsley for unilaterally interfering with a neutral forensic investigation of his iCloud account.
  • The neutral forensic investigation could ultimately bring clarity to a multimillion-dollar case between archrivals Zillow and Move Inc., who accuse each other of impeding their ability to compete for agent dollars and consumer mindshare.
  • The court's assessment of Beardsley's behavior could offer lessons to those in the industry that find themselves in a similar situation.

Zillow executive Curt Beardsley has been reprimanded by a Washington state judge for interfering with a forensic investigation ordered as part of trade secret litigation between Zillow and News Corp.-owned Move Inc.