Bay Area cities top markets for home remodeling, says BuildFax

Plumbing, electrical, solar and roofing-related work represent the most common upgrades
  • Increased remodeling activity could be a sign that more homeowners are opting to stay in their current residences and upgrade.
  • During the past three years Fremont saw a 25 percent jump in home remodeling activity.
  • San Francisco experienced an eight percent year-over-year increase in remodeling activity.

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The top markets for home remodeling in California last year include San Francisco and Fremont. A recent report from BuildFax cites San Francisco as the 12th best city for home improvement permit activity nationally, as the volume of residential remodeling projects increased by 8 percent year-over-year. Overall, 4.5 percent of San Francisco homes were remodeled last year, with plumbing and electrical-related work being the most common types of upgrades. Since 2013, the city of Fremont has experienced a 25 percent increase in home remodeling activity, the primary reason the market ranked 19th on BuildFax's list. Last year 3.7 percent of the city's homes were upgraded, with roofing, solar and plumbing improvements representing the most common work. It was also noted that the city is considered by BuildFax to be one of the fastest growing markets for commercial remodeling. What does home remodeling mean for the housing market? An increase in remodeling activity within these...