Is Manhattan the next Palm Beach for retirees?

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Manhattan is a vibrant town, but it’s not just for millennials. Certified Senior Real Estate Specialist Klara Madlin says about one third of her business deals in the last year were retirees looking to move to New York City’s prominent borough. Why is the older generation choosing Manhattan over tried-and-true destinations in Florida or Southern California, which hold similarly steep price tags? NYC boroughs -- and especially Manhattan -- are well-known for accessibility, an abundance of restaurants, endless retail options and cultural experiences. Regardless of age, Madlin notes, Manhattan has something to offer anyone seeking a broad and effervescent lifestyle. Klara Madlin/ Madlin spoke with Inman about her recent experience with seniors settling in the Manhattan area and how staggering real estate prices may affect their ability to move to the city. Madlin’s comments have been edited for clarity.  Have real estate prices affected the abi...