How to help adult children sell the family home

Helping senior parents right-size
  • Helping seniors and adult children sell the family home can be tricky, but there are many options.
  • Remaining transparent throughout the process is key to making all shareholders happy.
  • Having a family yard sale is crucial in providing the family with closure.

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I specialize in helping senior clientele and their adult children sell the family home and look for more lifestyle-centric housing options. Over the years, I have come to know that helping seniors to sell their family home for a more right-size option is way easier than helping the seniors' adult children put the family home up for sale. There are always family dynamic issues that come into play when selling the family home, especially if one adult child is the primary decision maker. So, as a real estate professional, how do you help families sell this type of property without igniting a complete emotional breakdown? Explain right-size living Help the family understand why the right-size option is going to improve their parents' quality of life. Most adult children have a limited grasp on the types of senior housing options that are truly available. There are three main types: independent living, assisted care and memory care. Many people are not sure which is whic...