Moving mom: 8 lessons I learned from loss

What you can do to help clients who are faced with moving a parent after losing a spouse
  • Everyone grieves differently. Be prepared for a range of reactions.
  • Be sure to advice the family to report the death immediately and to seek advice on medical and Social Security benefits.
  • Avoid taking sides, stay focused and muster as much compassion and patience as possible.

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One of life's hardest transitions is losing a loved one. This is extraordinarily difficult when the surviving parent is forced to move against their will for health or financial reasons. I'm going to share what I've learned from loss, and hopefully it will help others in similar situations. When you or your clients face this situation, you can be there to provide both comfort as well as much needed expertise on coping with the situation. On Dec. 31, my husband's stepfather, who was deeply loved by everyone in our family, passed away. My mother-in-law is legally blind and has always been adamant about staying in her home and aging in place. Here are eight lessons learned as we have gone through this journey. 1. Grieving is different for everyone As we were lining up caregivers, imagine our surprise when my mother-in-law declared that she no longer wanted to stay in her home of 30 years and was off to live with her oldest son in Colorado just nine days later. Everyone gr...