Why did Leonard Steinberg join a start-up brokerage?

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Leonard Steinberg Leonard Steinberg, the president of Compass, specializes in the marketing of high-end New York real estate, bringing in more than $2 billion in transactions. As his move to Compass signifies, Steinberg represents a new breed of brokers who are teaming up with new broker models and technology firms, as the real estate technology startup industry continues to grow. Steinberg will be speaking at Global Connect in New York City on April 7. Register now Brad Inman: I am so excited today to have with me Leonard Steinberg, a top-producing Realtor from New York City who is just all over the place doing such interesting things. He is a guy that upholds the standards of the best and the brightest of real estate. He is involved as a traditional broker representing sellers, primarily. But he also has joined a leading technology brokerage. Welcome Leonard Steinberg! Leonard Steinberg: Hi, How are you? I'm great. Hey, how should we define Compass? You'...