What this 21-year-old real estate agent has learned

Publisher Brad Inman chats with Jay Luebke
  • "Mentorship is, 100 percent, one of the most important things that you can have as a young agent."
  • "Anybody can go through a course through their brokerage and get the basics down, but there's something to be said for really getting down in the trenches and learning by experience."
  • "The days of a big corporate company are becoming less and less appealing to a lot of my peers."
  • "The better client experience that you can provide, the more business you'll get."

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Jay Luebke is the marketing director at The ART of Real Estate and became a licensed real estate agent at the age of 18. Jay Luebke Brad Inman Hi, this is Brad Inman with Unlisted. I'm so excited to have with me today, believe it or not, a 21-year-old real estate agent from South Carolina, Jay Luebke. Welcome, Jay! Jay Luebke: Thanks so much for having me, Brad. Jay, by the way, your voice sounds like you're a lot older, but you're a young guy. You got into real estate at the ripe age of 18, when you got your license. And you started as an intern in North Carolina, worked for a big broker. Now you work for a smaller broker in South Carolina. Do I have the bio right? Yes, that's correct. We want to probe how young people think about real estate differently. You told me that your mom, who's a lawyer, and your dad, who's a business consultant, used to watch HGTV and watched Million Dollar Listing together? Do I have it right? And what about that inspired you to get in...