9 creative marketing strategies to sample your service

Innovative ideas on how to let people know what it's like to work with you
  • If you sample your knowledge, authenticity and enthusiasm to serve clients, you will increase sales.
  • For your marketing and advertising, try to teach people something about real estate -- or you.
  • Interview people, businesses and groups in your community, and feature them on some online platform that you own.

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In my last blog, I wrote about one of the most proven marketing strategies to increase sales -- sampling. Not only can you (as an agent) sample your service, you must sample to turn a prospect into a client. Sampling your knowledge will instill confidence in homeowners that you can sell their home quickly and for a great price, or conversely, help them find their dream home and negotiate a deal. Because of the stigma surrounding agents, you also need to sample your authenticity more than ever to instill comfort and trust in the homeowner. Finally, you need to prove your energy, positivity and enthusiasm for real estate. After all, your clients will be spending time with you and paying you; therefore, they need to be excited about it! As promised in my last blog, I'm going to give you 9 creative marketing strategies for sampling your service and increasing sales. These tips are broken down by medium and put in order based on effectiveness. Display advertising (example:...