Good things for agents to know about Airbnb

Insight that could help you incorporate Airbnb into your sales strategy
  • Airbnb is increasingly surfacing in conversations between agents and consumers, and agents can cast a listing's potential rent on Airbnb as one of its perks.
  • A recent report on short-term rental hosting sheds light on hosts' motivations, concerns and income, among other things.
  • Agents should consider familiarizing themselves with local rules governing short-term rentals, as they may represent the biggest risk of short-term rental hosting.

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Short-term rental juggernaut Airbnb is increasingly popping up in conversations between real estate agents and their clients. How much would a for-sale listing rent for on Airbnb? Does a neighborhood have a lot of short-term rentals, and the constant flow of tourists that come with them? Might a seller let a buyer take a home for a test drive by renting the place for a few nights? (This startup thinks so.) Some useful information that real estate agents can bring to these discussions was laid out in a report released by Everbooked, a service that helps Airbnb users price their rental listings. Read on for insight that could help you incorporate Airbnb into your sales strategy and connect with the growing pool of prospective buyers who care about a home's short-term rental potential. Hosts' fears of damage or theft diminishes with short-term rental experience One thing agents should keep in mind is that prospective short-term rental hosts appear to ...