New low-income housing partnership gets funded in DC

St. Stephens Apartments will offer 71 low-income housing units
  • St. Stephens Apartment will offer 71 one- and two-bedroom units.
  • The building will also feature amenities such as a green roof, community space, and access to supportive services.
  • Twenty-five percent of the units will go to those who make about $37,000 per year or less.

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Mayor Muriel Bowser’s administration made a promise to tackle the problem of affordable housing early on in their time guiding our nation’s capitol. Another sign that affordable housing issues are being taken very seriously has recently come to light with the crafting of a financing package to bring online a small building of apartment units for low-income tenants. And, the national push toward sustainable building practices is given a nod as well. According to the Washington Post, the D.C. Housing Finance Agency recently put together a funding package that will enable the building of 71 one- and two-bedroom apartments in a four-story building. As a bonus for those who rely on public transportation, the new housing is situated less than a quarter mile from two Metro stations - an easily walkable distance to extensive public transportation options. The  building is known as the St. Stephens apartments, and is located at 4000 Benning Rd. NE. The project is a joint ve...