Windermere opens dream-building real estate leadership academy

The program aims to provide the building blocks for long-term success
  • The Windermere Leadership Academy launched in November 2015 with a series of webinars and workshops.
  • The Leadership Academy offers two kits that help owners, managers and agents craft business plans, create actionable goals and become better at the day-to-day tasks of running a brokerage.
  • All Windermere Leadership Academy tools are open to owners, managers and agents from other brokerages.

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Windermere Real Estate, a Seattle-based independent brokerage, has announced the launch of Windermere Leadership Academy. The program teaches owners how to effectively operate and grow their businesses while building the next generation of managers. "We have an in-depth understanding of both the rewards and the challenges of running a real estate brokerage, so we decided to package those best practices into a system that focuses on coaching, recruiting and time management skills," said OB Jacobi, president of Windermere Real Estate, in a statement. Eric Thompson, president of Windermere Services in Colorado, was charged with developing the program, and he has a personal connection to the mission of the Leadership Academy. "What makes the difference in a profitable, productive, thriving office is the manager and the leadership in the office," Thompson said. "And what I've noticed as I've gotten along in my career is the chance for managers to develop those skills is ...