Rental market in Baltimore is red-hot, says AppFolio exec

Rental demand building in Baltimore, supply shrinking
  • AppFolio Property Management sees Baltimore as a hot rental market.
  • Based on RealtyTrac numbers, the vacancy rate and the number of available units are both dropping.
  • AppFolio exec Nat Kunes says that he sees Baltimore landlords offering shorter leases, which leads to multiple rent increases for a tenant each year.

AppFolio Property Management, one of a suite of companies under the AppFolio name, is the proud owner of a massive amount of information about rental markets across the country. With clients in all 50 states, their experts can share insights on the goings-on in specific local markets.

The company’s Vice President for Product Management, Nat Kunes, had quite a bit to say about Baltimore, a surprise entry into the list of markets where it’s good to own rental property now.