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Miami home prices are on the rise, says Black Knight

The Black Knight Home Price Index report for January reports increasing home prices in U.S.

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Black Knight Financial Services released its January 2016 residential real estate transactions report, the Home Price Index (HPI). Released on March 28, the report found that home prices are up 5.3 percent on an annual basis, and up 0.1 percent from the previous month.

Some notable points of the report include:

  • The U.S. HPI was reported at $253,000, and is 5.5 percent off June 2006 peak of $267,000, and up 26.7 percent from the market’s bottom.
  • New York leads the nation with a 0.9 percent month-over-month appreciation​.
  • Florida and Pennsylvania dominated the top 10 best-performing metros.
  • Las Vegas is 62.4 percent higher than the market’s bottom, but is still 37.3 percent off its May 2006 peak
  • New York and Texas hit new peaks in October


The west coast of Florida dominated the biggest movers metros.

Naples, Punta Gorda, Cape Coral and Sarasota are all located on the west side of the state. California dominates the bottom 10 metros, with Bakersfield ranking in the top spot falling 0.9 percent.

biggest movers

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The state of Florida saw a slight uptick in home prices in the last month by 0.3 percent. On an annual basis, home prices increased 7.7 percent, representing a current value of $220,000.


Miami home prices reported a 50.2 percent gain from the trough in January, which is 22.4 percent lower than the peak. The HPI was $273 in January, which was a 0.3 percent increase over the previous month.

Miami home prices are 6.7 percent higher than last year.