Why brokers should be doing more for their agents: Avanti Way

  • Avanti Way Realty co-founder Enrique Teran has called out lazy brokers relying on real estate boards for training and tools.
  • Brokers should be actively trying to help their agents succeed so they continue to earn a place in the industry, he said.
  • Brokers should be helping their agents interpret their transaction data and learn from it.

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Enrique Teran thinks that the real estate agent is "increasingly threatened as our industry adapts to new ways to try to automate and replace Realtor processes through the use of technology and shared knowledge." And he thinks brokers need to do something about it. "These challenges, which will ultimately shape the future of our industry, require brokers to strongly compete and innovate in developing unique solutions for both local consumers and agents to engage in their markets and survive," Teran said. The co-founder of the Miami-based tech-led real estate firm, Avanti Way Realty, has called for brokers to work more actively on their agents' behalf rather than taking a hands-off attitude and letting real estate boards step in with tools and knowledge. "A lot of brokers have moved away from escrow accounts; they are not involved in any of the process but are just cashing the commission check," he said. "They have become dependent on the board tools and teaching of their...