Why company culture is the broker differentiator

Create an environment that inspires agent loyalty
  • Toxic cultures in real estate companies have become the norm, due to opposing viewpoints of owners or managers and sales agents.
  • Owners and managers typically press the panic botton and increase splits for dissatisfied agents, but their real focus should be on improving the company couture.
  • When an agent loves the company that they work for, neither the best recruiters in the industry nor the most aggressive offers will get them to leave.

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Following up on my previous article, successful recruiting strategies will become much less focused on commission splits and much more focused on company culture. Company culture will become the most important component in recruiting and retention, but because culture is intangible, its complexities are often difficult to define and even more difficult to change. I've met with thousands of agents from many different brokerages. Although some agents have more complimentary things to say about their companies than others, generally speaking, I hear very similar thoughts by many agents. Why company culture matters The majority of agents like -- not love -- their companies and often feel as though they add more value to their brokerages than their brokerages add to them. They feel that they generate most of their own leads, they often need to use third-party vendors -- at their own cost -- for many of their technology and marketing needs, and they don't have enough support. ...