Agent today, large broker tomorrow: How to do it

J. Philip Faranda talks about how he carved out a niche in a competitive market and created a thriving brokerage
  • Find a niche, find a specialty and build your brand on the shoulders of that specialty.
  • Be consistent and embrace the mundane -- the things that make your business run that aren't "fun" or "sexy."
  • You must also embrace technology to thrive in real estate today, and many experienced agents have more trouble with this than new agents who don't know anything different.
  • "Stop worrying about the bogeyman in the closet, stop worrying about Zillow, get to work."

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J. Philip Faranda “The story of our firm's brand is not some narrative a PR firm wrote up for us to peddle," said J. Philip Faranda, who went from being a solo practitioner to owning his own brokerage with 60 agents. "Our brand's story is actually not a story at all, but the happy outcome of hundreds of clients over the years who were not cookie-cutter transactions. We have helped good people avoid foreclosure, bury a close relative who passed away, downsize in the wake of an empty nest, or manage a stressful job transfer, just to name a few.” Faranda likes baseball, has a degree from Villanova and kick-started his Westchester, New York brokerage by focusing on the Great Recession eight years ago. How'd he do it? Greetings, Inman readers and listeners. I'm so happy today to have J. Philip Faranda. Phil is a broker in Westchester, New York. He started out as a solo practitioner less than ten years ago. He now has 60 agents, and he's one of the largest independent...