Agent today, large broker tomorrow: How to do it

J. Philip Faranda talks about how he carved out a niche in a competitive market and created a thriving brokerage
  • Find a niche, find a specialty and build your brand on the shoulders of that specialty.
  • Be consistent and embrace the mundane -- the things that make your business run that aren't "fun" or "sexy."
  • You must also embrace technology to thrive in real estate today, and many experienced agents have more trouble with this than new agents who don't know anything different.
  • "Stop worrying about the bogeyman in the closet, stop worrying about Zillow, get to work."

“The story of our firm’s brand is not some narrative a PR firm wrote up for us to peddle,” said J. Philip Faranda, who went from being a solo practitioner to owning his own brokerage with 60 agents. “Our brand’s story is actually not a story at all, but the happy outcome of hundreds of clients over the years who were not cookie cutter transactions. We have helped good people avoid foreclosure, bury a close relative who passed away, downsize in the wake of an empty nest, or manage a stressful job transfer, just to name a few.”