Video: Will smart home devices fuel the fixture debate?

This trend may be more complicated than you think
  • Every appliance will soon have a connection to the Internet, from chandeliers to bathroom scales. So what's a fixture and what isn't?

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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. Smart homes are at a tipping point. Is having a "smart home" a trend sought after by only first adopters and gadget-fiends? Or, is the rise of connected home systems a legitimate precursor to the way we'll all be living by the end of the decade? Because technological innovation today is endlessly augmented and culturally supported -- not to mention lucrative -- I tend to lean toward the latter of the two scenarios. Either way, real estate agents need to begin asking more questions about smart homes. Even if I'm wrong and the Internet of Things is only a thing for the young and tech savvy, it will nevertheless come up in conversations with buyers. "How will the home's design work with my Wi-Fi? Will I need signal boosters? Can they take the refrigerator, because mine talks to my phone, I'm bringing it with me." That raises a bigger question: as homes be...