Could the Houston floods have been prevented?

Natural disasters can't be stopped, but prevention measures can ensure safety.
  • Know your flood insurance policy inside and out.
  • Infrastructure is too costly to replace, but innovation moving forward might be the solution.
  • Houston floods couldn't have easily been prevented.

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Short answer: No. And there really isn't a long answer as far as "yes" simply because one cannot predict, much less disrupt, this disastrous amount of rainfall in the fourth-largest city in the America. What Houston can do moving forward is assess its rapid growth to determine the safest possible way to weather this type of storm. According to CNBC, more than 240 billion gallons of water descended upon Houston as of Wednesday. As of this writing, eight lives have been claimed as a result of the on-going storms. An estimated $5 billion in damages has wreaked havoc on neighborhoods. A CNBC article published Tuesday quotes Samuel Brody, a professor of marine sciences, landscape architecture and urban planning at Texas A&M University: "Flooding is a natural phenomenon. Flood losses, flood damage, people losing their homes and their lives, that is something we can control, by smarter planning, smarter development." Permeable concrete It would require significant inves...