Of the surviving 5 Presidential candidates, who’d do the least harm to housing?

Something a Koch brother said provides a clue
  • As all old-time real estate people know, banks are where the money isn’t. The most important source of real estate credit in the U.S. by a huge margin: Fannie and Freddie.

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First, a few basic rules for writing about this topic. I don’t mean to offend any reader (except possibly the candidates, in the unlikely event that one found this piece). Disclosure: My own politics align with Theodore Roosevelt’s Progressive Republicans, but I’m the last one -- the one-man Bull Mouse Party. Think of me as a centrist, either hopelessly undecided or positioned to annoy everyone. The most important election rule for a publication like this: stay strictly with business self-interest. Don’t fool with social policy, hair-dos or funny accents. Readers of this site are in or near the real estate business. What is the single most-important thing to us? Money. What kind? Loans. Real estate is more dependent on credit than the rest of the economy put together. Who of the surviving five candidates would do the least harm? I was astounded this weekend to see (very) conservative activist Charles Koch jump to the correct answer. This is a very strange election ye...