Credit scores are a joke

Plus 6 tips to help your clients' credit scores
  • The percent of available credit and your on-time payment history are the two biggest determining factors in your credit score.
  • A great payment record at a department store is good, but it's less influential than American Express, MasterCard or Visa.
  • Make sure all your your clients are pre-approved for a loan before beginning the home search.

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Did you know that the same credit bureau could report three wildly different numbers for your credit score on the same day? Now that you do know, what steps can you take to improve your personal score and help your clients navigate their FICO score to a final loan approval? Have you checked out your credit scores on Or perhaps you're paying Equifax, Experian or Transunion for credit reporting, and you actually believe your credit score is the number they will report if you're obtaining a loan. Think again. A case study During the real estate downturn, we ran our business on our personal credit lines, as do many startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses. For us, that meant we used a substantial percentage of our available credit. We have an impeccable payment record, long credit history, no derogatory remarks and only one credit inquiry. We sold our house and will need 20 percent down, closing costs, plus six months of payments in the bank or cash equivalent ...