ContextSmith, Cloze, Asana: 3 tools for improved client relationships

You might not be hearing real estate vendor pitches for these solutions, but they are worth your consideration
  • Agents should often explore outside the industry to uncover technology solutions competitors aren't using.
  • ContextSmith prioritizes your email inbox and flags urgent items, Cloze keeps your mind fresh on individual client needs and Asana puts a little bit of the fun back into work.

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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. This column wouldn't be much fun if I only talked about BoomTown and Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies all the time. It's valuable to peer outside the gates of the industry to investigate options not already being sold to you. This is what led me to ContextSmith after being alerted to it via email. Asana and Cloze intrigued me in the same manner. ContextSmith ContextSmith uses the existing Gmail domain of a company to automate the organization of projects and people. It tracks dates and feels around for critical terms like "delay" or "frustrated" to highlight messages needing immediate attention. Subject lines and recurring terms are turned into project titles, and every email with them is quickly sorted appropriately. This happens within minutes of setting up an account. Messages are turned into Alerts, Opportunities or Action Items, an...