5 ideas for building a database that gives more than it takes

Put in the work on the front end, and reap the rewards
  • Have a repeatable 90-day plan to stay in touch.
  • Your list should have past clients and your sphere of influence -- even if they aren't buying or selling at the moment.
  • Pick up the phone and call. If you're consistent with it, it's easier to do.

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It's no secret that your past clients and sphere of influence are your best source of business. Getting the best return from your database, however, is a secret. Here are five ideas for a consistently terrific return: 1. Expect a 10 percent return from your list annually -- if you work it properly Two sources -- repeat business plus referral business -- should generate 10 transactions over the next year if you have 100 names in your records. 2. Here's a simple six-step plan to work your list correctly Call those on your list every 90 days, give them a market update, and always ask for referrals. If they are not home, leave a simple message. Follow-up again in 90 days. Send one surface mail item every 90 days (third-party company sourced or self-produced). A personal note is even better. Email monthly with a market update (pre-formatted or individualized by yourself). Consider using video email to communicate with everyone periodically. It's highly effective. Expec...