Podcast: Constance Freedman on 2016’s hottest real estate tech startups

Most new technologies fall flat while only the best rise to the top -- here's how one investment fund places its bets
  • Artificial intelligence could be transformative for agents and help them work more efficiently.
  • The most successful tech startups will have cross-industry applications.

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Today’s interview is with Constance Freedman, the founder and managing partner of Moderne Ventures, an early stage investment fund focused on technology companies innovating in and around real estate, mortgage, finance, insurance and home services.

Through her venture capital investments, Freedman is leading and forming the future of the real estate tech industry.

Ever wish someone else would pre-qualify your buyers and sellers? How about on-demand lawn care for that last-minute showing?

Does your client insist on a five-day closing? In the new world of technology, this — and more –is becoming possible.

Freedman covers the exciting new innovations in artificial intelligence, smart homes and how to spot a great investment.

Moderne Ventures focuses on target companies that have applicability not only in the real estate industry but also other markets.

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Do you think you have a product that would revolutionize real estate and could translate to others, too? Freedman evaluates each proposal on these 5 simple criteria:

1. A sound business plan

2. Is it a large enough market of consumers?

3. What’s the market strategy?

4. Who is the team behind it?

5. Do the executives at end-user companies think it’s a good idea as well?

Step into the new world of real estate and challenge your thinking about how these new technologies can be used in your business.


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