How to start a conversation (good or bad) with viral marketing

  • Kenny Truong has been the top buyer agent in West Oakland for the past three years.
  • His vandalized #FastAgent bus bench ads have recently circulated social media.
  • Troung's team has already sold $18 million in 2016.

Faster. Better. Together.
Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

If you ask ClimbSF real estate agent Kenny Truong about the negative feedback he's received from his accidentally viral #FastAgent marketing campaign, he'll tell you it's old news. Because, really, it is old news. Pull any business cliche from a hat, and it applies to him: "Bad publicity is still good publicity," "You hurt the ones you love the most," and so on. "I want to represent Oakland real estate," Truong said. "People want to move there. That's why people contact me. People who don't want them moving here talk about me." Truong, 30, has received a lot of bad publicity in the form of vandalized bus bench ads circulating the social media marketplace, with some residents of West Oakland branding his work as gentrifying the area. He said he loves West Oakland, but a local's view could be that he's hurting the neighborhood by slowly increasing prices. Truong's goal isn't to anger West Oakland residents, he said, but to sell homes to interested buyers. If some ne...