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Is the San Francisco tech boom harming business?

The good, the bad and the congestion
  • Housing is 25 percent less expensive in Walnut Creek than Silicon Valley.
  • About half of people in the area harbor a distaste for tech talent and companies.
  • Progress presents problems, but challenges can be met with creative solutions.

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A few months ago, I penned a piece on my personal blog discussing what is now trending in the media: San Francisco's tech boom and its impact on local rent and real estate prices. Dan Moore of The Bold Italic wrote in January, "This is life under the influence of the new tech bubble. Globulous, glimmering, tenuous, it hangs above San Francisco like a parade float gone rogue, beckoning to entrepreneurs, programmers and capitalists the world over. "For those of us whom the bubble hasn’t forced out of the city -- who remain -- it affects nearly every aspect of our lives. Often, it confronts us physically. And its influence is only growing stronger; the bubble, it seems, is scaling up, widening wedges of resentment and amplifying the implications of its impact." Moore's words are both beautiful and worrisome, and the impact of the tech boom is both positive and negative. You can’t have one without the other when it comes to progress. As I see it, the tech boom is greatly impac...