San Francisco home prices aren't immune to seasonality

Despite mild temperatures and a hot home market, San Francisco home prices have ebbs and flows
  • Par for the course, home prices in San Francisco jumped up again in the fall and then dropped off again in the winter.
  • The combined median sales price for both single-family homes and condos hit a new high in April at $1.285 million.
  • Every category, with the exception of houses $1.35 million and below, saw drops between 2.5 and 6 percent in sales price to original list price.
  • In April, there were more $2 million-plus condos for sale on the MLS than ever before.

Although known for exorbitant real estate, San Francisco home prices fluctuate regularly by month and even season-to-season from a broader scope. Between 2012 and 2015, median sales prices usually rose noticeably in the spring and then faded off, or even dipped, in the summer.