‘Rolodex of real estate’ bridges industry experts and investors on-demand

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  • Stealthforce, an elite on-demand real estate talent site, launched in January 2016. The site matches independent contractors with companies that need their expertise for projects.
  • Poonam Sharma Mathis, the founder and CEO of Stealthforce, says she got the idea for platform from her experiences working in small development companies and large investment firms.
  • Mathis noticed there was a talent gap when it came to having workers with highly specialized knowledge for certain projects. Instead of hiring someone new, most companies decided to have generalist teams to handle the projects as best they could.
  • Mathis says Stealthforce effectively and efficiently fills in the gap by allowing independent contractors to provide the expertise companies need on a project-by-project basis.

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"The real estate consulting Rolodex of your dreams has just launched," says Poonam Sharma Mathis confidently over the phone. That's the mission of her new venture, Stealthforce. Stealthforce matches experienced, elite real estate professionals with real estate investment companies that need their expertise on a project-by-project basis. Mathis says Stealthforce is the first real estate company to tap into the world of on-demand talent services. Until recently, most on-demand talent focused on commodities, such as someone to come clean your home, organize your closet, buy your groceries or drive you around, i.e., Uber, says Mathis. But she's noticed that higher-level industries such as the legal and tech sectors have started looking to on-demand talent as well. “In recent years, they’ve gone upmarket, and there are platforms that now focus on elite talent on-demand. So, it’s not somebody to clean your house; it’s somebody maybe who’s an attorney, who’s really...