Uber partners with Parkmerced community to boost public transit

  • New residents in Parkmerced receive monthly $100 credits, $30 of which must be used on Uber.
  • Uber is capping the cost of uberPOOL rides at $5 to the nearest public transit station.
  • The hope is that residents will utilize alternative means of transportation in lieu of owning a personal automobile.

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Dive into the latest Technology impacting real estate, Jan 22, 2018

Parking your car in the city is the pits, if you can even find a spot. But at Parkmerced, a new development in San Francisco, a new amenity for residents fights the lack of parking. Thanks to a partnership with Uber, participating residents of the Maximus Real Estate Partners (MREP) property will be awarded transportation stipends to entice carpooling and forgoing car ownership. "The Parkmerced development is going from 3,300 to 9,000 rentals, and from a car-centric development to one focused on sustainable, whole living," Parkmerced Labs Manager Dan Saccardi said. "As part of this process, we saw an opportunity to form Parkmerced Labs, a joint venture between Maximus Real Estate Partners and Broadscale Group, and bring together innovative leaders, like Uber, in a singular environment." Founder of MREP Rob Rosania thinks the concept is revolutionary and plans to adapt it to other communities. "The immediate benefits to residents will be to decrease or eliminate the need for...