What happens when you think of other agents as colleagues — not competition?

Highland Partners' Debbi DiMaggio has written a new book, in which she explains how her relationships with other agents are bringing in business
  • Agents should view other agents in their market as colleagues who can help them grow their business.
  • Agents who are viewed as problematic and not team players will lose out on business.
  • Buyer agents in hot markets are not salespeople so much as cheerleaders and guides for their clients.

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Highland Partners top producer Debbi DiMaggio tells a hilarious anecdote in her new book, "Real Estate Rules! - 52 Ways to Achieve Success in Real Estate," about taking a Florida couple around some homes in her market of Piedmont in San Francisco's East Bay. The wife was horrified over what her money could buy in the posh San Francisco Bay Area suburb. "I can still hear that woman shrieking to her husband, 'I am not going to live in that! I come from a huge home with gates, and I live like a princess!'” Adds DiMaggio, "Whenever I see the gates in the opening of 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' reality TV show, I remember my Florida princess. Needless to say, they did not take the job or make the move." She uses this story to help illustrate the 32nd rule in her book: not to take clients' reactions too personally. Pause and take a breath, count to 10, then respond professionally, is her advice. This is the third book for DiMaggio, who left The Grubb Co. six year...