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bbernard /

bbernard /

10. Have the rules of marketing changed — and if so, in what ways?

Peter Titmuss /

Peter Titmuss /

9. There’s one demographic that’s still very receptive to direct mail. Can you guess which?

A black knight and white knight facing off on a marble table

Vasin Lee /

8. Allegations of wrongdoing in a dual-agent transaction in Malibu could set a new precedent. / /

7. If you’ve got a real estate website, then you’ll want to take advantage of these 50 ways to boost leads from that very same resource.

karamysh /

karamysh /

6. Just getting started in the business? Here’s how you set yourself up as a neighborhood expert.

A man's hand stopping a domino fall

Indypendenz /

5. Identify your “lead domino” to avoid self-sabotage and ensure success.

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quka /

4. Is social media worth the time investment? An Inman Special Report digs deep.

A man and woman whispering about a third person in the foreground

BlueSkyImage /

3. When competition is taking digs at you behind your back, there are ways to deal with it — here are seven.

Shah Rohani /

Shah Rohani /

2. The National Association of Realtors has banned Zillow Group from its 2016 events.

A woman playing tennis.

Ersler Dmitry /

1. You’ve probably heard it a million times: “My friend is a Realtor.” Here are seven ways to respond.

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