Trash talked behind your back? 7 ways for Realtors to deal

  • Taking the high road, diplomatic phone calls, 'informal dispute resolution' and ethics complaints are among the ways Realtors can respond after discovering that a competitor has bad-mouthed them to clients.

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Realtor Rob Thompson was once contacted by a future client for an unusual reason. Another agent, who had never met Thompson, had "so vociferously denounced" Thompson that the client "felt they had to meet me," he said. In the fast-paced world of real estate, some agents bad-mouth others in an attempt (perhaps a misguided one) to win business. While Thompson’s case shows that putting down competitors can backfire, it's also possible that agents may be able to plant seeds of doubt about the fitness of their competitors. From ignoring criticism and making a stern phone call to being snarky and filing an ethics complaint (scroll to the bottom for details on this last option), agents who discover that a competitor has been putting them down can respond in a number of ways. Read on to learn seven tactics for dealing with trash talk from competitors. 1. Ignore it "When you have HATERS, you know you are kicking butt," said Houston, Texas-based Renae Gibson, voicing ...