What’s your ‘lead domino’ and why is it important?

Facing our thoughts can be scary, but it is essential in order to be successful
  • When you focus on the wrong activities, you’ll struggle to reach your goals.
  • Figuring out what your "lead domino" is changes everything -- it's the activity that drives the most leads, the first step.
  • When faced with inaction, ask yourself if you are really willing to let go of your goals simply because you don't want to act.

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I recently committed to a pretty massive business challenge issued by my implementation mastermind mentor. A challenge that will propel my business into the stratosphere. A challenge in which the prize is not just the prize being given by the challenger (that prize is pretty darn awesome in and of itself), but the real prize is in the journey. By committing to the journey of the challenge, I will change my business and myself. In other words, whether or not I actually win said prize, I’ll still be a winner by giving everything I’ve got in the pursuit of the challenge prize. I realized this morning that I was scared -- not only to admit that I wanted to win, but to pursue the challenge at all. Why? Because I thought, "What happens if I put all of this energy into it and really let it envelope me, and I don’t win?" I don’t want to feel the disappointment of not winning. The thing is, how often do we let our ridiculous “fears” stop us from pursuing some...