4 millennial buyer must-haves and why they want them

What the fastest growing segment of homebuyers wants
  • Millennials have a simpler yet more sophisticated taste, so gaudy styles don't work for them.
  • If you thought only your parents cared about keeping up with the Joneses, you were wrong.
  • Renovations don't have to cost much, but they must say: Millennial, this is your future home.

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Millennials are educated, discerning, socially conscious and more global in their behavior than their parents' generation. This same attitude applies to their purchasing behavior: they have traveled more, and they have more specific demands about how and where they want to live their lives. As I’ve seen through owning a platform that captures multiple behaviors of consumer groups, anyone trying to attract millennial customers needs to take this into account when trying to close a deal. Things to know about millennials There are four main things to keep in mind about the millennial personality that will help an agent find a perfect match: 1. Millennials need social options They want to live close to downtowns, bars, cafes and shopping -- period. These things, even as responsible homeowners, matter. They’re buying homes and care about their social lives. 2. They want to feel cosmopolitan They grew up watching “Sex and the City” and want to live the posh life...