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How much executive experience should the CEO of the country have?

The President is the top manager in the country -- what's that mean for the candidates?
  • The executive is just the top manager. Personalities don’t matter much: extremes way off the centerline prototype can do well.
  • The entrepreneurial world breaks into a couple of pieces: institution-building and deal-doing. Some are patient builders, and some are lone wolves.

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This is business, not politics. And in that spirit, a disclosure: I am a political centrist, an anti-partisan, possibly because I can’t make up my mind, more likely so I can annoy everyone. But the comments here are about business. What's the President's job about -- really? We have a three-branch government: judicial with obvious duties; Congress to propose and enact legislation, and an Executive branch. It’s easy to get confused about that third branch. Our president carries that title thanks to George Washington, who refused any and all of the imperial titles of Europe. Our President is commander in chief of the armed forces, but not much else. Foreign policy is often subject to the advice and consent of Congress. The President may propose legislation, but Congress enacts; and the President may make rules and orders but only within judicial and legislative limitation. The President’s primary duty is to manage the executive branch, supervising cabinet officers and all of t...