Baltimore and D.C. rent growth, occupancy rates lag behind nation

Yardi Matrix report finds rental growth to be continually growing strong throughout the nation.
  • Nationwide rents grew 0.9 percent in May over the previous month and 6 percent on an annual basis.
  • Rental growth in D.C. expected to be 1.2 percent by the end of 2016.
  • Baltimore and D.C. both had a vacancy rate of 96.2 percent in April 2016, which was unchanged on a monthly basis.

Rental prices continue to make strong strides, growing month by month and year by year. According to Yardi’s month survey of 119 metros throughout the nation, the U.S. saw a rent increase of 6 percent in May 2016 since May 2014 to another all-time high of $1,204.