Compass has 'acqui-hired' the 4-person team behind the New York City-based AI and machine learning startup
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Experts agree that consumers save more, when there's more short-term rentals. One study found that's even more concentrated near holidays
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In the words of Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston, 'One can have a dream, baby. Two can make that dream so real'
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Here are 3 approaches for persuading sellers to uncover and repair issues before the deal is in jeopardy
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To make a better impression online, avoid these visual no-nos on your next listing
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Pointing out that mortgage rates are already at historic lows is the obvious starting point. Then you could stir up some FOMO, too
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Florida real estate agents need look no further than their colleagues in the legal profession for inspiration in effective marketing despite severe restrictions
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Bungalow expects to lease units to 12,000 tenants by the end of 2020
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Schwartz joined Zillow in 2007, and the company will realign responsibilities under current leaders
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In a new letter, the discounter argues that new off-market listing bans from Bright MLS and the National Association of Realtors will negatively impact its ability to do business
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Agents with Realogy's own-side brokerage join affiliates in getting access to a bevy of services, including healthcare
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In the words of Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston, 'One can have a dream, baby. Two can make that dream so real'
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In cities across the country, housing advocates, civil rights groups and defenders of the homeless are chipping away at housing laws, one state at a time. Why now?
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Not sure where to focus your energy as you build your business? Naples agent Sonja Pound suggests you trust your gut
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You might not think about it, but there's a lot more to communicating successfully than speaking or texting
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You might have ambitious long-term goals, but to achieve them, you must focus on the day-to-day
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