The moratorium comes shortly after the previous eviction ban expired, and could ultimately cover 90 percent of U.S. renters
by Jim Dalrymple II Today 3:11 P.M.
It's important to maintain connections because your business often depends on the quality of those relationships. But here's why you shouldn't neglect strangers and acquaintances
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The company's global agent count increased 9.6% year over year as rumors continue to swirl about whether the company will go public this year
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Here’s how to maximize your listing’s potential and capture more online views
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Corporate buyers were particularly active in Mississippi, where 1 in 9 homes that sold ended up in the hands of an institutional investor
by Daniel Houston Today 7:30 A.M.
Cyber security and lead generation topped the list of tech tools agents wished their brokerages offered, according to a new National Association of Realtors study
by Andrea V. Brambila Today 7:00 A.M.
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate added a record number of new affiliates during the first half of 2021. The brand strengthened its presence in California and opened its first office in Alaska
by Marian McPherson Today 5:45 A.M.
Formerly a commercial real estate agent, Dan Noma, Jr. has focused his work on institutional investors for more than a decade. Here, he shares what he’s learned and why agents should consider this sector of the industry
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What happens when the market starts to tilt in buyers' favor? Here's what agents need to be thinking through, preparing for and learning about to better serve their future clients
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Piper Young spent more than three years at Compass, but said she ultimately jumped to @properties thanks to its technology and culture
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Dealing with rejection is never easy, but staying positive and learning from the past will benefit you in the long run. Here's how to bounce back when you've been shot down
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Given current market conditions, there really are no bargains, so it comes down to what a given individual wants — financially and personally. Here's what to consider in the buying vs. renting debate
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Home equity and job growth are expected to hold the levee against a tidal wave of pandemic-triggered foreclosures
by Libertina Brandt Aug 2
Launched as a 6-market tour, The Alliance Certified Ally program is a mix of virtual and in-person training sessions that bring the LGBTQ+ community and ally real estate pros together. Here are common themes, questions and lessons learned
by Ryan Weyandt Aug 2
It's unclear exactly how many properties will be freed up now that the federal eviction and foreclosure moratoriums have expired. But whichever way it goes, agents will want to be prepared
Dozens of teams will likely have to rebrand thanks to a state law that prohibits the use of terms such as 'group' and 'LLC'
by Jim Dalrymple II Aug 2