5 roommate-matching apps for your clients

  • Concerns about finding the right roommate can hold back people from moving.
  • Real estate agents could alleviate those concerns by pointing clients to roommate-matching apps and websites.

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Everyone who’s lived with a roommate has at least one horror story. Fear of winding up with a whacko or simple ignorance about how to easily track down cohabitants may be all that's holding back some people from moving. Nightmares of couch-sprawled toenail clippers, messy beard-trimmers or unreformed frat "bros" might also sometimes cause renters and buyers to pass on their dream home for more modest accommodations (which, of course, come hand in hand with more modest commissions for real estate agents). The next time you're working with someone whose home search may be stymied by roommate concerns, consider recommending these five apps and websites. They tend to match people who are likely to mesh based on tastes and preferences, including home hunters looking to team up to move into a new place together. 1. Roomi This room listing and roommate-search website and app collects a lot of color on hosts and prospective roommates via Facebook integr...