Hoodline’s ‘Neighborhood Kits’ add burst of local color to websites

Hoodline's 'Neighborhood Kits' cover nightlife, schools, new developments and more
  • San Francisco agents and brokerages can use news startup's 'Neighborhood Kits' to enrich their sites with local insights not available on many other real estate sites.

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A homebuyer might know she likes the size and layout of a property in San Francisco's Castro District by looking at the property's online listing. But would she know that the home is located in a "beacon of diversity" with an equality mural, cycling gym and three green spaces? She would if she was perusing a real estate website augmented with content from Hoodline, a neighborhood news startup covering San Francisco. (Otherwise, perhaps not, unless she sussed out the place in person.) Molded from the startup's news coverage, Hoodline's "Neighborhood Kits" paint rosy, in-depth pictures of neighborhoods, highlighting local businesses, attractions and organizations. Real estate agents and brokerages can use the kits -- which cost $100 a year for agents and more for brokerages, depending on their agent count -- to enrich their websites with local insight that isn't available on many other real estate sites. "It needs to be a comprehensive view of the ...